Operating System Survey

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As I start to work through some various tutorials and other instructional guides, I want to get a feel for what people are using.  Please let me know what OS you are currently using and which OS(s) you feel comfortable with.

Ideally, I’m planning to provide a VirtualBox appliance built out with CentOS (linux) that you can run on any machine.  Depending on your comfort level, you can interact with MySQL using:

  • MySQL UI Tools (workbench)
  • VM command line (ssh into VM, then work locally)
  • Local command line client

What Operating System do you use on your own computer/laptop?

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What Operating System(s) are you comfortable with?

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Check back for a post discussing Virtual Box as it should prove to be a great tool for experimenting with and learning MySQL, regardless of the OS you are used to using.  It will also allow you to experiment, make changes, etc and not worry about impacting your actual system.