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Installing MySQL for Testing – Part 2

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As a continuation of Part 1 in this tutorial, we’ll work through some basic interaction with our test database using MySQL Workbench.  Some things we’ll cover include:

  • Setting our current database
  • Creating a new table
  • Inserting rows into a table
  • Selecting rows from a table
  • Basic UI review of Workbench

Without further adieu, lets get started using MySQL!

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Installing MySQL for Testing – Part 1

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At long last…  the first real post of the intro series on getting started with MySQL!  (Better late than never, right?)

There are a few ways you can go about setting up a test instance that are generally shared across Operating Systems:

  • Install locally on your machine (Windows, OSX, Linux)
  • Set up a local Virtual Machine, then install MySQL on the VM
    • This is my preference as it also allows me to get familiar with the OS (preferably Linux)
  • Set up a quick Amazon EC2 Instance
    • This is easiest if you are comfortable with EC2, but can also be costly if you forget to turn off an instance or want to spend lots of time testing and experimenting

For the sake of folks getting their feet wet, I’ve setup a Virtual Appliance that you can import and start using right away:


The rest of this post and Part 2 will be a step-by-step guide on getting starting with the above appliance.  So lets get started!

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