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September Meetup – Back to Basics

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This month, in honor of the start of the school year, we’ll be going over some of the basics of MySQL:

  • Concepts and Terms
  • Installation
  • Basic usage

I hope to see you at the meetup this Wednesday, Sept 23rd at 7pm at the 404:

September Meetup – Back to Basics

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015, 7:00 PM

The 404
704 W Sheridan Avenue Oklahoma City, OK

4 Members Attending

As we dive back into a new school year and things ramp back up, I’d like to revisit some of the basics and hopefully introduce MySQL to some people.We’ll go over some high level concepts, basic installation, some tools, and more.If you know anyone that may be interested in learning about MySQL, this would be the meetup to attend!

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If you know anyone that is interested in MySQL, this would be the meetup to attend!

– Mike

August Meetup – Triggers and Stored Procedures

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This month, we’ll talk about Triggers and Stored Procedures per some suggestions for last month.  MySQL has support for both and we’ll talk about some of the caveats and real world experiences.

As usual, we’ll provide food and drink.  Hope to see you there!

August Meetup – Triggers and Stored Procedures

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015, 7:00 PM

The 404
704 W Sheridan Avenue Oklahoma City, OK

1 Members Attending

Per some suggestions last month, we’ll look at various aspects of triggers and stored procedures in MySQL.As usual, the goal is to be interactive and prompt discussion.  Food and drink will be provided – hope to see you there!Mike

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June Meetup – Building An AWS-like Platform With Auto-Scaling Databases & Web servers

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I’ll be out of town for work, but #okcmysql member Josh Walcher (http://www.bigboardroom.com/) will be driving a discussion about scaling applications using various automation, APIs, and other techniques.

The goal is to hopefully introduce folks to some new ideas while having an interactive discussion to see what others are doing to manage similar issues.

Pizza will be provided as usual and if it works out, I’ll hopefully be able to join remotely for some of the talk as well.  And please RSVP here so we can get a good head count for food:  http://www.meetup.com/Oklahoma-City-MySQL-Meetup/events/222840388/

Hope to see you there and thanks Josh for offering to drive the discussion while I’m out of town!

February Meetup – MySQL & GIS

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When: Wednesday, February 25th @7pm

Where: The404 (details)

At this month’s meetup, I gave a talk about the current (and soon to be GA) geospatial capabilities of MySQL.  The talk covered such things as:

  • High level geospatial overview
  • Early methods of doing geocoding (lat/lon/radius)
  • Intro to GIS functions (geometry type, st_* functions)
  • The impact of adding SPATIAL indexes to InnoDB (coming in 5.7)

My biggest takeaway from prepping for this talk was how excited I am to see SPATIAL indexes for InnoDB in 5.7 (http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.7.html).  We ran some sample queries with and without indexes and it showed how InnoDB goes from essentially unusable for GIS programming to a very viable solution.

I can’t wait for 5.7 to be GA!!

As promised, here is a link to the slides: http://www.slideshare.net/mbenshoof/mysql-gis

It was great to see everyone and I’m looking forward to next month!

January Meetup – Big Data

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Its almost that time again…

When: Wednesday, January 28th @7pm

Where: The404 (details)

This month, in a slight change of gears, we are talking about everyone’s favorite topic – Big Data.

Our own Kristin Ferrier will be giving a talk about HiveQL (see, I told you we’d talk about complementary technologies) which should serve as a great introduction to Hadoop/Hive.

Along with that, I’ll give a talk (hopefully just drive a larger discussion) about how MySQL fits into the big data ecosystem.  Some topics will include:

  • MySQL strategies for storing big data
  • Leveraging multiple technologies based on use case
  • Developing a hybrid approach to the problem

I hope to see you there and as always, please RSVP at the meetup site here:  http://meetu.ps/2FfXQn

Hope to see you there!